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Canon 30d: natural light: hot lights

This is a modern version of a vanitas painting, (it's supposed to be all wilted and wrinkled). I finished this last year-I can't even remember how many photographs are composited here. Hope you like it.

Canon 30d: back light through glass

I'm trying to do more of this; a painting smushed together with a photograph. This came out looking more like a photogram, though. It just kind of took on it's own life.

Lil' Tree

Canon 30D: natural light, painted light

I'm not sure which view I like the best; the snow storm or the color. This is a composite of maybe 3 different photos pieced together in The Shop.

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Studio Still Life

Battleship North Carolina

Panoramic view stitched together on the computer. If you look closely, it seems like there is a 'war of the trees' going on. The lighted trees are all lined up against the black tree with the cloud over it. Even the battle ship is pointing guns at it.

Wallpaper Ad

This was shot on my internship in High Point, NC.

Fudge Ad

Food styling is a lot harder than you think. This is what I came up with in my advertising photography class.

Wedding at Oak Island

Nikon D100 and a lens baby.

For this picture I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I couldn't have planned it better!

Spring Neighborhood

High Heels

Okay, this might need a little explanation. The original idea was to express how cringing it is to wear high heels, even if they are social convention. Consequently, they don't make Barbie's feet high-heel shaped any more. They now have flat feet- ah that's progress!

Playing Fairy

Business Portrait

Wonderland Rose

Thumb Wrestlers


Through a Spider Web

The Party Pooper

Lilies Underwater

The Shadow of Escape

Solar Pumpkin


Couple at Duke Gardens

A fun moment taken with my nikon n55 film camera and then later scanned to my computer in high res.

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The Old Clock

Nikon D1H with a 55mm macro lens and a vivitar flash.

Portrait at Home

Nikon D1H 1/30th sec @ f/5.6 I used natural light softed by a porch overhang for this shot.

In a Museum Gift Shop

Nikon D1X 1/13th sec @ f/6.3.

The North Carolina Aviation Museum. For this shot I had to use a little flash to take the green tinge out of the fluorescent lights.

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Favorite Cabin shot

Nikon D1H f/8 @ 1/25 sec.

My favorite cabin shot for my ambient sound slides project. using available light.


Mannequin Exercise

nikon D200 1/60th sec f/16
Here is a group project we shot in order to practice building a shot in photoshop CS2. We shot this same mannequin several times, and then I layer masked all the pixels together in photoshop.

Fairy Nieces

nikon D1X: 24mm 1/60 sec @ f/8

If you try to take a picture of a tired 2-year-old fairy, you'll be turned into a frog.

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Pearl Necklace

sinar view camera: f/5.6 @ 1/8 sec: 4x5 chrome

When I was shooting this project, I set up next to a wall of windows and waited for the sunlight to fall on the pearls. Then, I bracketed for about 4 stops, since I was shooting film, not digital.

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Ice Cream Party

nikon D100 120mm: 1/4 sec @ f/4
Here is a party scene dessert I shot for advertising photography. The light is coming from a north facing bay window and boucing off a fill card.

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