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Favorite Cabin shot

Nikon D1H f/8 @ 1/25 sec.

My favorite cabin shot for my ambient sound slides project. using available light.


Mannequin Exercise

nikon D200 1/60th sec f/16
Here is a group project we shot in order to practice building a shot in photoshop CS2. We shot this same mannequin several times, and then I layer masked all the pixels together in photoshop.

Fairy Nieces

nikon D1X: 24mm 1/60 sec @ f/8

If you try to take a picture of a tired 2-year-old fairy, you'll be turned into a frog.

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Pearl Necklace

sinar view camera: f/5.6 @ 1/8 sec: 4x5 chrome

When I was shooting this project, I set up next to a wall of windows and waited for the sunlight to fall on the pearls. Then, I bracketed for about 4 stops, since I was shooting film, not digital.

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