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Worn playground

Nikon Dh1: f/11 @1/90: ISO 200: 150 mm: natural light: ©johannaworth2006

This is an abstract of some interesting shapes I found on a well used playground.

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What happens when you say "don't smile"

Yashica Mat 124g: 1/60 @ f/11: T-max 100: 80 mm: Photogenic monolights: ©johannaworth2006

This is an outtake of one of my portrait assingments taken earlier this year. We were just using up film at the end of the shoot and she was tired of smiling. When I told her she didn't have to smile, this is what happened.

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Inspired by Zeke Berman

Nikon D1h: f/30 @ 25 seconds: ISO 200: 45mm: vivitar 285 popped 9 times: ©johannaworth2006

This shot was modeled after the concepts of fine art photographer Zeke Berman. In his black and white work he plays with the perspective of your eyes. The rectangle was shaped to look upright, but is actually laying flat on the table, as revealed by the strings.

The top picture displays how I lit the shot. By "painting with light", or popping the flash multiple times in various positions over a long shutter speed, you can tailor the shadows, fill, softness, and spread of the light over the scene.

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Chinese Take Out

Digital: Nikon D1h: F/22 @ 20 seconds: ISO 200: 40 mm: vivitar 285 popped 8 times: ©johannaworth2006

This shot was taken for my photo illustration class. I thought it would be fun to capture the odd little organic shapes of chinese take out. Also, here are some of the effects you can get when you paint with light. You can make certain areas glow and tone down others.

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Blue not pink

camera nikon n-55: f/8 @ 1/90: ISO 200: 55mm: natural light: ©johannaworth2006

I will not wear pink toe nail polish. I step on you, pinkness!

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The Scottish love fish and chips

Camera- nikon n-55: f/11 @ 1/90: 80mm: ISO 400: natural light: ©johannaworth2006

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games affords an amusing sight at their annual Celtic Rock Concert.

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Birthday Cookies

Sinar 4x5 view camera: F/22 @ 15 sec: Ektachrome E100s: window light and reflector: ©johannaworth2006

This assignment was to shoot some baked goods on 4x5 chrome. I choose these sugar cookies and shot them with light coming from a large bay window and a specular reflector for fill light.

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Little Italy

Nikon n-55: f/11 @ 1/90 sec: kodak T-max ISO 400: no flash used ©johannaworth2006

Here is some architecture taken in Little Italy on Manhattan Island.

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